Burger King

Burger King ®  is the second largest and expert hamburger food service chain in the world. 

It is an historical hamburger maker and fast food producing company and everyday it accomodates more than 11 millions customers in its restaurants.

What is the secret of hamburgers?
The authentic flavor of the grill and fresh ingredients

For over 50 years Burger King has kept in its kitchens USA tradition. A grilled beef hamburger that, thanks to hot temperature, gives the meat the typical features strips of hot coals . The passion and the experience of taste with every bite!

Products for all tastes
You can choice a range of taste, whenever you want.
There is something for all: lovers of meat or vegetarians, to taste with your family or with your friends. For breakfast, dinner or tea time.

Typology: food-service

Telephone number: 0342/068023

Web: www.burgerking.it

Social: www.burgerking.it

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