IPERAL is the large-scale retail trade pioneer in Valtellina. Thefirst superstore was openedAugust 12, 1986 in Castione Andevenno (So). Then, other more complete and organized superstores were opened in Sondrio, Lecco, Como and Brescia provinces.

Nowadays, after 27 years, Iperal Goup has 33 iperstores ad Trade centers in 7 Lombard provinces. It is an important reference point in large-scale retail trade environment in the North of Italy.

Iperal is a Company with a face. An open, sincere face that you seem to know. Everyday many persons like you come in Iperal supermarkets because they want to find the quality and the kindness: a hand, a courtesy, a smile.
Iperal knows its territory and its people, knows its rich eno-gastronomic tradition and knows how to offer quality and choice, comfort and efficiency, advantage and economy without renouncing to the kindness.

Iperal will offer you quality, discounted prices and a smile that is not expected!

Food service “Squisito”, post-sales assistance and restoration, mobile phones activation, self check-out counters, comfortable check-out counters, gold case, money back guarantee, air-conditioned room, info point, credit card payment, invoices issue, payment by instalments, foreign currencypayment, Wi-Fi free.


Typology: superstore

Telephone number: 0342/606111

Web: www.iperal.it

Social: www.iperal.it