Care Dent

CareDENT was born in Spain in 2004 by means of Dott. Luis Canada, professor at the University of Madrid.

He has a degree in dentistry and has worked for years in the most important professional spanish studies, acquiring a considerable experience.
He has always wanted to create a network of clinics able to offer to patients a high quality service.

“Do not mess with your teeth” he always replies to his collaborators.
Each clinic has a medical director, professional registered dentists and specialized dental assistants. At present, CareDENT has over 100 openings throughout Europe.

Spanish success was the motivation to realize CareDENT model in Italy too, where the brand is managed by Bistar company srl (based in Grassobio-Bg).
CareDENT has always sought qualified personnel. Many clinics have been opened to fill the whole Italian territory and it’s for this reason that they have a hundred employees in Italy.

Typology: dentist

Telephone number: 0342/682266



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