Farmacia Dott.ssa Falanga

The Pharmacy of Dr. Falanga proposes

Otc drugs, prescription, drugs related to prescription articles of orthopedics as headbands, braces and crutches; dietetic and aesthetics products as cremes and cosmetics; products for babies; drugs and products for animals, herbal remedies; glasses, graduated compression tights, medical equipments, reducing dresses and much more,

Rental scales for babies and electric breast pumps, drilling ears with disposable sterile earrings; systems of self-analysis to know your level of cholesterol, glycaemia and so on; service delivery of drugs in nightime and holidays time; pharmaceutical guard; galenicals for babies and carriers of rare diseases.

The pharmacy is in the first floor at the entrance of yellow sector.

Opening times: from Monday to Sunday, open all day from 9.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.


Typology: pharmacy

Telephone number: 0342/696476

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